Just Can’t Throw Them Away

A question that came up while my fellow classmates and I were playing the oh-so-cliche ice breaker game was, “What is something you can’t throw away?” Answers started to flow as we went around the room and when it finally became my turn to answer I realized that I can never get myself to throw away my fashion magazines. So if you look under my bed, you’ll find piles and piles of magazines that I can no longer fit in my bookshelves which are now crowded with college textbooks and binders.

Every time my subscriptions come in the mail, I tell myself that I need to clean up or get rid of my old magazines – but I just can’t. Besides my adorable teddy bears and childhood photos, magazines are the only things that I won’t let go of – I’ve never had a hard time throwing out old clothes that I know I’ll never wear again or battered shoes that just can’t be repaired. And although I barely have the time to sit and read through all of the old issues, there’s just something so special about these glossy magazines that make me want to hold on to them forever.

From reading about the latest trends and gazing over street style photos, I gain so much inspiration to try out new things or question the norm society places out for us. Throwing away my magazines is like asking a professor to throw away their research journals they refer to or telling a car fanatic to get rid of car manuals that tell them everything about their beloved automobiles. Magazines are like my fashion bible.

I know it’s sort of a waste of space and there’s got to be a better solution than keeping large stacks in my house (perhaps go digital?), but for now I’ll keep on treasuring them until I find a reason to toss them out – that’s if I ever do. What are some things you have trouble throwing away?


  • Monique says:

    I have trouble getting rid of clothes but I’m working very hard on this!

  • Mae Lu says:

    IRYC @ thereafterish.: hey, sweets! I’m 29, and I feel too old for “braces”, but if you have crooked teeth, they may continue crowding to the point where your mouth becomes grotesquely out of line years down the road. My teeth are so sore right now, and the Invisaligns do dig into my lips, but I know that in a year my mouth will look amazing… Just in time for my 30th.

    Think of it this way: you’re never too old to have a perfect smile!


  • Jen says:

    Maybe you can make a fun project out of them, like a collage on the back of your bookcase or something so you can keep a little part of them while still throwing them away!

  • Madeleine says:

    I never read so much fashion magazines, simply as my economy dont allow me to buy them most of the times. But when it comes to my clothes, I have an hard time throwing anything out. I pretty much saved my entire wardrobe since I was a baby, lying in 5-6 boxes which I take with me whereever I am moving to. My clothes are the most important thing I own, except photographies as they are memories.

  • Winnie says:

    I’m the same, though I collect ViVi so that is a pile of mags that I will probably never, ever throw away.

  • Tobeinstyle says:

    No matter how hard I try, I can’t get myself to get rid of my old childhood books. They’ve been sitting on my shelf for as long as I could remember. They sit there and collect dust… I feel bad about it, but I can’t get rid of them either… :( I just love them so much. Great great memories.

  • ediot says:

    oh i try to save a few.. but i can’t save every magazine i buy. then i wouldn’t have any space left for my clothes.. ;)

  • Fydez says:

    I have my own share of magazines to get rid off but I just can’t! xx

  • Ask Erena says:

    I get rid of everything:-)Just found your blog. Love it!
    Ask Erena

  • Kristin says:

    Hi my name is Kristin and I’m a fellow glossy addict. You should see the pile that’s taken over my family room!

  • char says:

    I currently have the same problem. My magazine stack doesn’t fit my shelf anymore and I really don’t want to get rid of old ones! It’s really hard for me to throw them away.

    xx char

  • Waverly says:

    haha it’s so funny that I came across this post because as we “speak” (type lol) I’m trying to clean my room but I C A N ‘ T throw away magazines no matter how old .. so I feel your pain :)

  • I love my mags too ;) I try to only keep the really really great ones. When I was a teenager I had 100’s!! xo -Taj@GorgeousGlam

  • chelsea says:

    ah so true! magazines are super hard to throw away :) for some reason I like keeping starbucks coffee cups…I always wash them though! :)


  • dani says:

    i can’t let go of the magazines either! i don’t know what i intend to do with them, but i just can’t bear to toss them. i think we need an intervention.

  • pavani reddy says:

    i just cant get rid of clothes,i have hard time throwing off anything..even i cant get enough of magazines…fashionable blog u have!!!

  • Terry says:

    I had the same dilemma in preparing to move for college. So what I did was took a standard notebook I had lying around, and filled it with clear plastic sheet protectors. Then, I tore out all articles I found useful and organized them by category! I’ve opened up so much space for myself!

  • jamie says:

    Omg! I Have this exact same problem!! Glad to know I’m not the only one that loves rereading old magazines!


  • Mónica says:

    It’s funny because I have exactly the same problem. I was about to throw all them away a while ago, but I didn’t, and it was the right decision. You can always go back to old magazines, and in a few years time, when paper magazines don’t even exist, it’ll be a coveted treasure ;). By the way, glad to see you are still writing and blogging, I am back after a long hiatus and it’s good to see old friends are still around!

  • Me too! I have so many fashion magazines but I love to go back and read them again. Too many clothes too! ;)

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