I envy girls with small feet.

tryingonshoesLike all girls with an unbearable love for shoes, my heart melts every time I walk into a store filled with shoes waiting to be worn. Although I’m a pretty picky shopper, I enjoy every minute of walking through the aisles trying to find the perfect pair.

While I was shopping in Japan one day, I found myself on a floor with shelves of shoes on every end. Although I wasn’t intending on buying anything, I whispered to my brother who came along, “I’m going to see if there’s anything I like.” and went off in high spirits. I was determined to find me a pair that was just what I’ve been wanting all along.

30 minutes later, I went back to my brother and told him that we could go since I couldn’t find anything. He exclaimed, “You couldn’t find anything in a department store like this?!” Sighing I replied, “Well, I found one, but they didn’t have it in my size.” He chuckled and shook his head as he followed me out of the store.

Sizes always become a problem when it comes to shoe shopping. It’s either way too big or too small and occasionally, occasionally they fit perfectly. My feet aren’t difficult to accommodate because I have enormously huge feet, but because mine are just naturally wider around my toes. So it’s always heartbreaking when I see a pair of the cutest flats and find out that I can’t fit in them.

This is why I envy girls with small feet because it seems like they always have shoes in stock and sometimes they can even grab a few bargains since inventories are filled with small sizes. My friend also pointed out that smaller shoes just look better in general – “Big shoe sizes always end up looking hideos,” she claimed. “Seriously, who would want to wear this?! And then when you go to the smaller sizes everything’s so cute.”


  • The nice thing about having small feet is definitely being able to find them in stock and ON SALE.

    I’m a size 7, sometimes 8 depending on what I’m buying, and I can never really find my size.

    6s seem to have it the easiest.

  • Jennifer says:

    I completely understand.

    As a narrow US Size 11, I find it extremely difficult to find shoes that are both stylish and comfortable (let alone affordable).

    I recently discovered something called the Tall Girls Shop in NYC, but I have yet to visit.

    Everyone has told me I would have better luck with men’s or European sizes, but it’s easier said then done. And even though i’m tall I LOVE heels.

    It feels like the shoeniverse is out to get me or something.

  • Jinah says:

    I have issues with finding shoes and I am a pretty solid size six! And even if they fit in the store, it’s impossible for me to tell if they’ll fit after walking for two hours. I’ve excitedly purchased new shoes only to wear them to work the next day and come home almost crippled. Sometimes I wish I could afford to have them made for me because if fit models for shoes are anything like clothing (i.e. not like the most of us) then no wonder they don’t fit right.

  • Sher says:

    Sounds like you have wide feet, not big feet ;) I have a hard time finding shoes, because I’m a tiny foot. (not the norm) So many sizes start at US6.

  • Deekay says:

    I know exactly what you mean! My feet aren’t long, but they’re wide overall – it’s so irritating! I love heels, but it’s so hard for me to fit in most sizes because of the width of my feet. I have a friend that wears the most fabulous shoes. I love contemporary Asian fashion so I always love what she’s wearing. Unfortunately she’s got that typical small Asian stature. I’m South-East Asian so I’m slightly bigger in the hips, bust and foot area :( I’d love to have small feet.

  • juliet says:

    I’m lucky I have small feet, though in Japan even mine might be big.

    juliet xxx

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  • it’s true though. shoes do look cuter in the smaller size. sometimes i wish my feet were big enough to fit in men’s sizes, when i see a gorgeous pair of velvet tuxedo slippers or combat boots.

  • Kathleen says:

    I always get ready to grumble when I see a headline like this. You do not envy those with feet smaller than size six, when it comes to US shoe shopping. I mean, if you want to actually go in a store and try the shoes on before you buy them. If you don’t want to buy yet *another* pair of children’s mary janes. Sure, it might be cool that I can buy shoes with Barbie on them, but can I really *wear* them anywhere?
    I probably would have more luck in Japan, but I can’t go there just to shop for shoes!

  • graey says:

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  • Leeann says:

    You’re so right! I wish my feet were smaller too. Dang size 9s. I am short too which makes them look even bigger =/

  • Sarade says:

    I will admit that I wear a size 7, and it is easy to find in just about any shoe. Although I do often see fabulous shoes in a size 8, and wish they could be mine. My dear friend wears a size 5 shoes and suffers mostly, since she has trouble finding anything lovely in her size.

  • I’m the Amelda Marcos of Chicago. I wear a 12 Slim, have flat feet and am on a constant search for shoes. My two best places to look are the clearance isle at DSW where all the shoes are segregated by size and Walmart. I frequently look at the men section for shoes too as my size translates to about a 9 and 1/2 men’s. Unfortunately it’s rare that I find anything other than gym shoes or flats. Such a pity. My feet are actually sort of dainty despite their size. Unfortunately, I keeping having to get rid of shoes as my feet seem to keep growing. If they grow any more, I’ll be wearing the boxes. Meanwhile I keep a large collection and I have no shame.

  • virginie savage says:

    i really understand what you mean!!!!!
    i wear a size 10 and it’s so difficult to find THE perfect shoes.
    i wish my shoes were way smaller …
    everytime i see a wonderful pair of heels and i try them on
    it’s always ugly on me :(

  • Christina says:

    Argh, I know what you mean! Although my feet aren’t huge-huge, size 9 to be exact, I do find difficulties finding the perfect vintage or thrifted shoes that would fit at all. Seems like the ideal always lays around size 6-7, so I envy all my friends who seem to fall perfectly in that range.

  • hmm.. I have really really feet(european size 36), but seem to have the same problem

  • S.Elisabeth says:

    I’m one of those girls with small feet (Asian trait I believe!) size 6-7 depending on shoe.
    Though if it makes you feel better, having a wide foot is just as difficult to accommodate! And muscular calves pretty much make boot shopping a nightmare.

  • I envy them too! My feet are strictly average and vintage shops are always sooo tiny, so I can pretty much never wear them. :(

  • Pratishtha says:

    I love my shoes and fortunately, sizing hasn’t been that big a problem, being just under size six. But I know what you mean. it can be so frustrating not finding your favorite pair in the right size.

  • Toye says:

    I wear size 5 1/2 and I am always having trouble finding chic, fashionable shoes in my size! It seems like there are more choices
    in the bigger shoe sizes!! When I was a teenager I was ashamed of
    my tiny feet. I am a petite girl- (5 ft. – 115 lbs.) but I felt like my feet looked too small to hold my body up! I would purposely wear
    my shoes a size bigger because I felt that my feet looked freakishly small! It is so funny that people always want what the other person has! People with
    big feet want smaller and small feet want bigger – lol!!

  • kristie says:

    its not that great having small feet.. i wear anything from a 3 to a 6 and it is so hard trying to find my size.. the ideal size to have is about an 8 or so … and even then its not that easy to find the right size

  • big foot says:

    i TOTTALY understand you! I am 12 years old and have WIDE sized 10 feet! there are just a bit smaller than my dads. there is NOTHING that can fit them and they look SO ugly and huge. I am also very short so it looks wrong. I only wear flipflops and can find NOTHING in my size.
    i really LOVE heels but cant wear or find them and even if i could it doesnt look right!

    to all people with small feet: LOVE YOU FEET FOR US BIG FOOT PEOPLE ARE IN EVVY!

    and P.S

    by older bro (23) calls me bigfoot… i want to have smalll DAINTY feet… :(

  • NO! i’m 17 and i swear my feet haven’t grown since i was like 11 or 12, I’m a 5 1/2 and its the worst! shoes never run that small, the smallest is usually a 6 and even that is too big (sometimes). It seems to me that seven is the size to have haha they are always in stock.
    well i guess the saying is true-the grass is always greener, but in this case, the shoe is always prettier…

  • EGO SHOES says:

    Hi there are women with very small feet who struggle to find shoes that fit them properly especially in UK size 1-3, EUR 33-35 and US sizes 3-5.

    EGO SHOES has a good collection of shoes to cater to women with petite feet.

  • dominique says:

    i love my big feet!!!ahahah
    my blog dominique-ernest.blogspot.com

  • ayet says:

    me too thats so hard to find my size coz my feet so cute 32 1/2 i want heels shoes but so hard to find and i find shoes but the prize so much high.ohh

  • culturalgirl says:

    I wear a 5 or 5.5 wide and its always hard to find shoes but I am not even skinny i am more then 130 pounds so when i because like 100 pounds i will be a 4 or 4.5 which will be harder

  • Rebecca says:

    I’m a 10.5 narrow. I live in the sweet sweet hope that random 10’s might accidently run “a bit long” so that I can fit. Seeing how size 10.5 IS NEVER MADE. That size is skipped by 90% of shoe companies in some sick misogynist plot. So I’m not just envious of “smaller sizes” but of frankly ANY woman whose size is actually made by shoe companies, including the infernally too large “11”.

  • Lisa says:

    Well, I sell vintage clothing and have amazing vintage shoes..unfortunately I’m a size 10 and can never wear any of them! It’s so frustrating!

  • Julie says:

    I wear a size 5.5 and I can almost never find shoes in my size in any shoe store. Most styles start in a size 6 or 6.5. It’s infuriating! If I wore a size 7 or 8, I could find shoes in any style I wanted, in any store. Instead, I must resort to either buying kids shoes, or I have to order them online, pay a premium price for them, and deal with the hassle of returning them when they don’t fit correctly. So when you find yourself wishing for small feet, be careful what you wish for!

  • Marie says:

    My feet are size 34 (or 3.5 US) and extra wide. The only shoes I can wear are running shoes. I am already 30 and I still shop at children’s stores, and even there I can’t find shoes to fit because kids have narrow feet and mine are short and wide.

    ARGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wear pretty girly clothes because I can’t find shoes to go with them!

    Do I not exist?

  • the grass is always greener on the other side, unfortunately. says:

    My shoe size ranges from 2.5-5.5 depending on the brand. I can almost NEVER find shoes my size. Even when I think it’s my size, it seems that whatever idiot decided to manufacture or size the shoe did a very poor job..

  • JJ says:

    i think.. have small feet (usually size 5, 5 1/2, or 6) i guess depending on the shoe.. but i have wide feet, like a duck’s foot.. T^T
    so when i wear some shoes.. the shape gets… wide.. & doesn’t look pleasant..

    also can’t wear peep-toe pumps/shoes.. since my toes won’t peep through the peep hole area.. :<

  • ahhhwwww!! heartbreaking
    I have size 36 and it is true that they are always in stock, I can buy any shoe during the sales. But small feet means small body, wich means I have the same problems buying trousers and jeans.

  • sisil says:

    i’m so understand how you feel! my feet size are about 9.5, and in indonesia it’s sooo large! i never find lovely shoes for my feet. but, couple days ago i found many store that makes shoes according to the client design and size.. though i haven’t tried it yet, but this might me the only way for me to find my feet lovely heels, because i love heels
    i’m sorry my bad english

  • Lisa says:

    Hey you guys,

    I actually never thought that there were so many people with shoe problems! My feet are really narrow so ‘average’ shoes like H&M shoes never fit me. And recently I need those arch supports so walking on heels is actually a real no-no. The only suitable shoes to wear them in are my Uggs but they get completely ruined. My shoe size is 8 or 8,5 so rather avarage, but that’s a problem as well, since all sizes are there except the avarage sizes; they are sold out…
    Good luck to y’all and I hope that everybody has found or will find a great shoe-store to fulfill their needs!



  • Sarah says:

    I understand the feeling. My sister recently had a revelation that my shoe shopping experience is a lot more tedious as compared with hers.

    Because her shoe size is the usual display size, she can try on the display piece and pick out the designs she likes. Whereas I have to play the salesperson dance, back-and-forth checking for sizes, trying, asking for another colour, or a different design… which exponentially increases the time taken.

  • Anne says:

    I on the other hand have size 33 feet and I can never find shoes at stores, I had to get them online! so extreme small feet is no good too!

  • Vala Jensen says:

    I agree, i maby dont have huge feet but i wouldn’t mind smaller. I hate the most when flats look super long, like clown shoes or something!

  • Marianne says:

    Well I’m a shoe size 30.5 ~ 31 european and 4’10” yes I’m very short =P that’s toddler 12.5 ~ 13 and in heels uk size 13 and US 1.5 so having small feet is not always so good. I can find heels but they are super expensive http://www.pretty-small-shoes.com I wish the regular shops carried my size I’m totally shoe addicted girl.. but i can’t buy all the shoes i want because my feet are so tiny so not so fun. BTW i don’t wish my feet were bigger I love my tiny feet just they made cute heels that i can afford in my size

  • Desislava says:

    It is nice to have small feet, but in my case when you have really super small feet , it is so hard to find the shoes, which will fit to them.. I can like so many models, but in the end the smallest size is too big for me.. so it is not so good to have so small feet..


  • Ehla says:

    I’m a Filipina but my shoe size is bigger than the typical asian size. my size is EU39/US8-8.5 (w/ a height of 5’3″ only)though it’s in between the not so big and not so small the downside of it – these are the 1st sizes to go out if stock :(


  • Alexandria Alvarez-Brewer says:

    I wear a size 4 in women’s shoes and I know how difficult it is to find shoes…trust me! It sucks, but thank God for Nordstrom because they carry shoe size 4 to 14. So everyone can be happy :) They have shoes for every taste and every size. The only thing I advise is to wait for their anniversary sale or any sale they have and stock up because they are very pricey, but they have beautiful shoes, great quality and the best customer service ever. I hope this helps anyone who is having trouble find shoes that fit. Good Luck ;)

  • Mel says:

    I am a size 5 for heels and size 6 for shoes with socks (boots, sneakers).I have taken to shopping in the kids section! because department stores just about never have my size, either they don’t carry it or they are out of stock. Oh well, its cheaper I guess :/

  • Mia says:

    Hi! Yeah I’m a size 4.5 (maybe 4) in any shoe i wear. >< Any website suggestions?

  • Maureen says:

    No, don’t wish for feet too small. I wear a 4 or 4 1/2 and there is virtually nothing available in Canada. And of course, if you want to wear a dress or skirt, what do you wear on your feet? I’m in my fifties and believe me, it’s no fun. :-( I doubt I will ever have anything nice.

  • beauty says:

    hey i truely know what your going through..im a size 9 and believe me in south africa there’s hardly any shoes for people like me.im tall and i have long feet.i love heels with all my heart, everytime i see a pair of gorgeous Heels my heart melts.but i just recently learnt to love myself unconditionally because i used to hide my huge feet and now i hardly wear anything that covers my big feet.

  • Alex says:

    My wife commented above… I love her tiny feet.. It’s very hard for her too buy heels but I don’t mind. They are just to cute and small, I think my hand is longer than her feet.. When we’re on vacation often she looks for shoes in her size. No luck in the US but England, spot on she is able to find very trendy shoes between 20 ~ 40 £ not to bad. But I still love my wife with her tiny feet

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