You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Many Japanese women carry UV protection umbrellas to protect their skin from the bright sun.

Many Japanese women carry UV protection umbrellas to protect their skin from the bright sun.

One trend that comes along in Japan ever spring/summer season is the UV protection umbrellas. If you didn’t know, Japanese women care for their skin like crazy and the majority hate the thought of getting a tan. (Well, besides those yamambas that I talked about a long time ago and beach lovers.) Some of my Japanese friends use SPF 50+ sunscreen! I usually only use SPF 15 or 30, so I was shocked.

UV protection umbrellas are mostly used by 30 year old women and up, but every now and then I see a young teenager or some 20 something year olds using these umbrellas. Some think the use of umbrellas is a sign of getting old, but I think that their just becoming more aware of their skin and protecting it from wrinkling and skin diseases.

Although I dislike the thought of lugging around an umbrella everywhere I go, it is a great way to always stay in the shade. The umbrella’s are pretty cute and come in many colors and designs, but some turn out to look really old-fashioned which doesn’t always match the outfit.

Do I use these umbrellas? Nah. For now I think I’m going to stick with sunscreen lotion and maybe when I start getting “old” I might think about using one of these umbrellas.


  • ♥ Marta ♥ says:

    It is so true … all of the Japanese women that I have met have stunning skin…I’m quite a sun protection freak myself and hate tanning, but I don’t think that I will adapt an umbrella anytime soon…it’s too much hassle :)

  • Nita-Karoliina says:

    when i was stayin in macau for 4 months almost everyone used umbrella. i used on my face sunscreen 40spf and body 30 or 20 spf. i am so affraid of wrinkles :D theres was so hot at the time :) all that sunscreen i still got a tan. we visited also malaysia,singapore, hong kong.
    it was nice. <3 i dont really care of tanning, i got white face and its okay.

  • Farren says:

    i’m all about sunscreen! =) i have spf 70! the problem is i always forget to put it on. haha. i always remember when i go to the beach, for sure. but i always forget to do it on a day to day basis. i like the umbrella concept. but, i am into those small things that fold to be like 4 inches. =) and fit in any purse. hehe.

    i’m all for trading links. i added you to my favorites so that i can remember to add you onto my blog roll. if you don’t see yourself up on my blog roll in the next 2 or 3 days then leave me a comment to remind me!

  • Imelda Matt says:

    try carry around an umbrella in the the blistering Aussie summer…30+ for me!

  • Inès says:

    Yes of course I would like to do a link exchange. I’m really happy that you like my blog!!!
    Despite my english is not so good, I think your articles are interesting……bye bye

  • Claudia says:

    Haha, great post! I can’t image walking around with an umbrella when it’s summer, but hey, maybe it will be the new big thing.

  • Alice says:

    I love umbrella and this a usefull trend to me, i’m redhaired with milky complexion and scared about wrinkles and sunburning, so a sunscreen isn’t enought. Umbrella is fancy and i don’t expose my delicate skin at excessive risk.

  • Ida says:

    SP Umbrellas? Really? Soooooooo nice! I really like the idea.
    Pity that we, Europeans are so keen on getting tan they usually forget about proper sun protection.

  • Arielle says:

    that piture is so elegant. I love how the umbrellas look with their outfits but I’ll stick to my tanning oil

  • ray says:

    ooh thats a great idea!the umbrella looks so pretty consider it if they made one small enough for my little handbag..xx

  • the Launderette says:

    I was in Japan a couple years ago and Japanese people were just ready for everything! They all would carry around fans and little oil absorbing sheets. I felt so unprepared!

    I’m def down for a link exchange. Thanks!

  • di says:

    I need one of those!!!


  • Hanna says:

    I think it’s a great way to stay in the shade! Even though, as you say, umbrellas don’t always match the outfit, you might try going for an eclectic look… Great post!

  • Marina says:

    It’s good for shade…..or for an “i’m so ironic and dress like this to be sooooo ironichipandcool”. But I dunno about sun protection…I’m too paranoid to be convinced that an umbrella that manages to get me wet when it rains will block UV rays.
    And i’m absolutely up to a link exchange. Your blog is awesome, the quality of writing far surpasses anything I can come up with (I know that much).

  • Trisch says:

    I use spf 8 :D

  • Trisch says:

    also a link swap sounds great.

  • Savvy Gal says:

    I think it is so important to protect the skin agains the sun. I tried to carry one around after seeing how women in Asia protect their skin, but it’s just not done here in California.

  • michelle says:

    I don’t use any umbrellas, but if I had a cute one I might xP

  • Secretista says:

    I lovee umbrellas! Back in high school I would walk around the track with an umbrella during practice. I was a shot putter so we didn’t have to run, but we did a lot of walking, so the umbrella came in handy for the hot hot sun.

    Well, the only way I’ll be inside the tents is if I sneak in like I did last time. And that wasn’t the tents. I snuck in Marc Jacobs show at the NY Armory. Shows that aren’t at the tents might be easier to get in, but they are still a challenge.

  • Closet Kisses says:

    hi! U wanted to trade? I added you. Thanks

  • Nay'Chelle says:

    That’s why so many Japanese women have such great skin! I guess it makes sense though. Take care of your skin and it will look good- simple but very effective.

  • Nay'Chelle says:

    That’s why so many Japanese women have such great skin! I guess it makes sense though. Take care of your skin and it will look good- simple but very effective.

  • Nay'Chelle says:

    That’s why so many Japanese women have such great skin! I guess it makes sense though. Take care of your skin and it will look good- simple but very effective.

  • CRISTA says:

    haha.. great post!! I see this all the time and I loathe the fact I would have to carry an umbrella everywhere…. I stick to the sunscreen too.. I was talking to this one girl and I thought she was no older than 26 …. the woman was 43!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shoes mend hearts says:

    ohhhh i love this post, i love umbrellas, i honestly wish i was japanese, a blond girl looks ridiculous in a lolita get up! haha! p.s. added your blog to my links xx

  • Psyche says:

    Ha. It was common for folks to carry umbrellas in the sun where I grew up. Hmmm…I wonder if that practice is still common there?

  • The Clothes Horse says:

    I love seeing the little old ladies carry umbrellas around (they do it in Hawaii too), it’s so charming and eccentric looking.

  • Cupcakes and Cashmere says:

    i only wish i was this dedicated to a good skin care regimen. i just started wearing lotion that has spf, so it’s a start!

  • colette rose says:

    yes, yes a link exchange with you would be wonderful. great blog you have !

  • Tina :) says:

    Interesting post, and I do find that most Japanese women have amazingly fair skin.

  • seasonal lust says:

    I’ve actually considered using an umbrella in the hot summer, if not to tan, but to stay cool in the shade like you mentioned.

    One thing that I do do often is carry a fan around with me, especially when I go out dancing at night. It’s so useful, not to mention it really sets you apart–in a good way, or at least I like to pretend so. =)

  • fashion herald says:

    I prefer some kind of hat, but that gets hot, too. it’s just such a pain carrying an umbrella in the city.

  • Sugar Pop says:

    those umbrellas are so sweet! All you need is a dirndl and a bonnet! :D

  • simply.steph says:

    spf 50 lol…

  • Distressing Delilah says:

    I think the umbrella is cute! And a good wonder Japnaese women have such gorgeous skin!

  • * Fashion Dreamer * says:

    Very interesting, I knew Japanese women liked to look after themselves but this is new to me. Very cute accessory but you’re right, it is a bit much to carry around.

    ps – added you to my blogroll x

  • Always In Style says:

    I think someone came out with SPF85 or something like that – amazing!

    I do like the umbrella idea…nice accessory.

  • Anonymous says:

    Here in Kuwait, there is a french company that sells 100spf creme, which is the sole and only reason my pale Irish ass isn’t constantly sunburnt. There’s also sun protection pills you can take now, but they’re uberpricey…appreciated the idea, may have to try this (and increase the WTF crazy white girl looks I get every day ;b )

  • Dara says:

    At times, but being asian myself, alot of it has to do with beauty ideals and society. I know I get alot of heat for being ‘dark’ and am seen as lower class when I’m in the Philippines. The lighter the skin, the higher they are in the beauty ladder. Sorta sucks.

  • Charponnaise says:

    I reaaally wish I could get away with walking around London toting a pretty parasol or sun brolly. I suppose London’s weather rarely justifies it, and it’d just look very odd. The notion of shielding your skin rigorously from the sun at all times is an old-fashioned one, and it’s cheering to see that the Japanese still embrace it.

  • MizzJ says:

    I think the umbrella thing is a great idea! Although I wish there were cute mini versions that fit into your purse. Sun protection is not a new thing – didn’t they use parasols back in the Victorian ages too?

  • to be successful says:

    yes, lots of cute umbrella design, material, structure style different, the price are different completely.

    some UV protection umbrella is far more expensive than univeral umberlla. it’s becoming a fasion industry now.

  • i love the idea of the umbrella.
    i have darker skin & ive just started realizing how important sunscreen is.

  • Kindle says:

    I have tried to use umbrella (UV ray proof) in US, because the sun can get frighteningly hot after standing outside for 5 minutes. Maybe it’s the ozone layer issue and such.. I grew up in Asia (Jpn and other places), and thought the same thing, that carrying sunbrella is little old-fashioned. But I realized I couldn’t stand the burning sensation on my skin, and that’s why I carried a sunbrella for a summer. But carrying it makes you stand out a lot, and I don’t like being center attention or look egregious, so I had to give up the idea in the end. The one I had was water-proof, UV ray protected, and foldable in white and orange stripe. But I think if I get a black cotton one or more contemporary design, I’ll think about using it again =) the only pain is the people’s stalking gazes…but it’s for health reasons and you can enjoy the outdoor much better under the sunbrella on the other hand! (*I just wish people aren’t thaat SHOCKED with a person carrying umbrella, I mean, even if it’s in the summer, it’s not that weird or a totally novel idea. sunbrella’s been in existence for ages, so why not?)great blog btw ^^

  • Lola says:

    where can I buy an umbrella like this?
    I live in Phoenix AZ and the sun is so strong down here I’m definitely considering carrying an umbrella around if I can find a cute one.

  • Eve HImmelheber says:

    I teach at California State University Fullerton, and noticed that there are numerous Asian girls on campus this summer who are using umbrellas/parasols. It is the “in” thing for the college crowd! Nice to see that the younger generation is aware of the need to invest in their future (both career and beauty/health)!

  • Chris says:

    I hate tanning, too! I love my sunscreen I have SPF 80! and I wear it all year round. the best part is, it has lotions and moisturizers in it so it smells nice. i don’t like the smell of most sunscreen especially if it will be on your face :) I love the idea of UV protection umbrellas! I might just invest ;)

  • Marina says:

    I am a cosmetic dermatology RN,I educate my patients everyday on the dangers of UV rays. As I reverse the signs of sun damage, I educate them on prevention. I see not only a lot of sun damage but skin cancer, especially on those who did years of laying out and tanning beds!

    There is nothing good that comes from tanning, as for Viramin D it can easy be obtained from fatty fish, other foods and a Vitamin D supplement.

    My patients use SPF everyday rain or shine, hats when able, even gloves while driving, golfing etc. They have looked for a fashion forward sun protective clothing line without success, therefore I developed a UPF 50 plus line for Women and Men. Portion of proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

    I am in Southern Calif. So must of us understand both the dangers of UV rays and sun damage.

    Best to you all, enjoy your sunshine but do it smart!

    Best regards,


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