Baby Clothes Always Make Me Smile

I'm always going to be in love with kids clothes.
Image courtesy of Burberry

I’ve always had this odd infatuation with little baby and kids clothes. It always occurred to me that kids have the cutest clothes in the world and I can’t help but giggle and smile whenever I pass by the kids section and I see a tiny pair of shoes. It’s so funny how a plaid dress for a grown up would look ridiculous if the design was wrong, but it’s the most adorable thing when it’s the appropriate size for a little girl.

So the day I heard a rumor that a good friend of mine was pregnant, I got so excited and couldn’t wait for the baby shower. The thought of going to the department store and buying all the cutest outfits for her and her baby raced through my head and I was so happy. But all just to find out that she really wasn’t pregnant and it was all a joke.

But that won’t stop me from loving kids clothes. I know that when I’m a parent I will, unfortunately, spoil my kids with the best clothes and make sure they are the best dressed. I’m going to end up playing dress up with my little children and I know it’s bad, but it’ll make me feel like a little girl again too and I can give my children everything that I wanted.


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  • Oh I love baby clothes! I’m going to be awful buying them if I ever have a child.. I can’t wait! :D But alas at only 17 this is probably a long way off. I teach at a performing arts school on a saturday and some of the little girls come in the prettiest things! One had an incredibly beautiful Dior top (yes Dior- for dancing in!) and on that day I had major wardrobe envy.

    Florrie x

  • juliet says:

    I love kid’s clothes also! The strangest thing is that I don’t really care for the kids. No I feel bad :S. I hate to spam, but the last hours of my giveaway are going on! You still have time to try your luck!

    juliet xxx

  • one day My neighbor’s child came in with a marvelous fancy dress. And my kids started asking for such kind of dress. When I bought clothes from you to my kids you won’t believe my neighbor’s kid started crying for not having such a fantastic fashionable dresses..

  • Fozia says:

    Oh I love children’s clothes! I am terrible to buy them if you ever have a child .. I can not wait! : D But unfortunately there are only 17 and maybe this is a long way. I’m studying at the School of Performing Arts on Saturday, and some of the girls in the best stuff! It’s pretty incredible Dior higher (yes for Dior in the dancing!) On that day, I had major wardrobe envy.and my site is………..

  • Children in Stylish and Fancy dress looks really lovable and cute. I wish to have dresses like them but i can’t. So let them happy with those stylish dresses.

  • maud says:

    2 presents for one little baby !

    I offered one present by person in my family, excepte the youngest member, a 6 monthes old baby, I had bought a woolen white coat with a hoody so it was supposed to be done by her side, yet when I entered h&m kid store, I ended with another present, a little pink dress that I couldn’t have left in the shop :D

    happy new year :*

  • Stylestalker says:

    i love childrens clothing as well! sometimes i wonder why they dont have some of their designs for adults! haha

  • Christina says:

    It’s amazing how chic children and baby’s clothes have been lately. I can’t wait to be able to dote on my own children one day. Great article!

  • Daisy says:

    loooove your blog and i totally agree baby clothes are soo cute. its just because its so mini and so cuuuutttee

    xxxx daissyy (check otu my bloog! itd make my LYFE)

  • I love that picture, those kids look really cute!! Kind of classy and vintage!! I love looking at baby clothes, even now my two are growing out of them rapidly!! Theres just something so adorable about tiny baby clothes

  • love kid’s clothes also! The strangest thing is that I don’t really care for the kids.i wonder why they dont have some of their designs for adults! haha

  • Like you, I also love kid’s clothes especially for the little girls. I guess, it brought up those memories that I have while still a child, eh.

  • HS says:

    wait till you see lanvin and Versace, this thing is just too cute, and i am totally agree with you :D


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