Are We Fashionable Inside and Out – Or Just Out?

gettingdressedRemember when we were little kids in elementary school and our parents would send us to school in nice clothes, but once we got home we had to change? Well, that was how I was raised and it wasn’t so bad, but now I think it’s become a habit of mine.

I do love fashion, but when I’m at home I tend to get too comfortable with my surroundings that I don’t care about my look as much as I do when I’m outside. Or is that the case with everyone? There’s always those women that claim to never dress down, no matter what, and I admire them.

The way my wardrobe works is pretty simple: there’s the “good” clothes and then the regular pile. When I think about it, I treat my “good” clothes like they’re so precious, so fragile and I never think about wearing them inside in fear that I might ruin them. Don’t get me wrong here, I dress fairly well at home too, I’m not in sweatpants or anything like that, but if I walk out of the house in what I’m wearing, I don’t look exactly fashionable. I wonder, does this mean I’m a fashion faker? Should we dress well both inside and out of the house?


  • strikeapose says:

    Definitely link exchange! I’ve added you! Nice blog :)

  • BlackNails_PinkLips says:

    hey. im not sure what a link exchange is, im new to blogging! but i subscribed to you though

  • Katie says:

    I hardly ever dress nicely inside my house because then I feel like I’m wasting a perfectly good outfit and noone will get to see it. Most of the time, I sit around in my sweats and tees and then if I go somewhere, I can wear something I like.

  • shoebox says:

    I think it´s like that for everyone, you get more comfortable when your home :)

  • workthatwardrobe says:

    Since I started my blog, posted my dailywear I have been swamped with compliments on the clothes I am wearing.
    “You look nice” “Are you going somewhere?” and from an old man in a wheelchair in the supermarket “nice top”
    All of these clothes were mine, packed away in the wardrobe only kept for special occasions.
    As a busy mum most of my life would be spent in jeans, vest and cardigan.
    Now I look forward to getting dressed each day.
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all the time. After yesterday’s post I changed into jeans and vest to go on a bike ride, a game of tennis and then a dog walk. But I always try and dress well now.

  • ♥ Marta ♥ says:

    I was raised exactly the same … and until this day, change into my ” at home” stuff and remove my make up.Personally, I don’t really care how I look at home and just want to be comfortable :)

  • Sharon Rose says:

    I think we all tend to dress in ‘comfy’ stuff indoors and dress up to go out-well, I do!!

  • Imelda Matt says:

    I used to think it was criminal to pop out for a packet of fags and milk in what I was slopping around the house in, so i’d change. But i’m a little wiser and now I don’t give a toss…but I draw the line at track (sweat) pants!!!!

  • fashionlauncher says:

    You have made very good posts here :)
    Best to wear comfy clothes at home. No need to make the good clothes ‘pre-age’ :p

  • Make Do and Mend says:

    I have nicish indoor clothes that allow me to be practical but I’ll always dress up if folks are coming round. I think its natural to derobe out of work clothes etc when you get home.

  • Adrienne says:

    I like to look nice inside the home as well as out. But I am more casual in the house and more dressed up when I’m out if I’m not doing something with the kids.

  • Anna Pope says:

    I was raised in the same fashion: when I got home the cute little dresses and the shoes would go back to their place in the wardrobe and I would get in my comfy clothes.

    In the house I wear jean shorts and a cotton t-shirt or when it’s too hot and I want to be home-stylish I wear my satin robe and nightgown.

    We’re not fashion fakers, we’re fashion girls with a love for comfortable ;)

  • Arielle says:

    I do the same thing. Unless your Laura (from Project Runway s. 3 ) I don’t think anyone can always be dressed to perfection all day nor do I think you need to be. Plus it makes me put more effort into my oufits when I go out

  • The Clothes Horse says:

    You’re not a fashion faker–you’re human! It all depends on the person too, I don’t own sweatpants or comfy jeans (only skinnies) so when I dress “lazy” it’s usually still a skirt and shirt, just maybe less chic…

  • KiKi says:

    i am very cautious with my “fashionable” clothes because they are more expensive normally I think you should always be confrontable in your home so I would have to say that you don’t always have to be fashionable when you are at home just with your family

  • S says:

    Great post! I was discussing this exact topic with a friend last night…I think that fashion is more of an innate thing that cannot be boiled down to whether or not you’re wearing your ‘good’ clothes or scrappier pieces. I think that every item that every person consciously owns and has purchased says something about them and their own personal way of dressing themselves and the psychology of character behind that. I don’t own a single pair of sweatpants, but I do dress down on weekends and other days where I’m not going anywhere, but the way I dress down is different than yours and yours is different than someone else’s and so on.

    These are really great things to think about, particularly as a ‘fashion blogger’. Sorry for the essay of a comment, but once again, great post!

  • Alison says:

    I definitely just lounge when I’m at home.

    As you suggested, I would love to swap links. I’m adding you now!

  • Marina Hermanovna says:

    When I’m home I can be superchic or beastly, depending on my mood.

    But one thing I know for sure: wearing heels at home doesn’t make my neighbour from underneath happy at all.


    Btw very nice blog, I added you in my links.

    PLease come take a look and add me if U like!


    marina hermanovna

  • Sheryl Wong says:

    i just wear what i’m comfortable with, whether inside or outside (except for shoes, maybe. definitely my weakness)

  • Sal says:

    I know exactly what you mean, kitten, as I do the SAME THING. Down to having those poser-thoughts. But the fact is that good-looking clothes aren’t always comfy. And if you’re going to sit on the couch with a madly shedding cat and eat a bowl of spaghetti, do you REALLY need to do it wearing a shift dress? I think not.

  • LuLu124 says:

    hi dear thank you for stopping by my blog to check it out :))) sorry for the late reply, but yes of course i would loove to do a link exchange!!! your blog is awesome, and this post just reminds me of how my mom always claims she cant wear the same clothes she goes out with ;D xoxo, lulu

  • issa says:

    once i get home from work i immediately change into workout clothes… it’s comfortable and gets me motivated to work out. plus i don’t wanna ruin any of my “nice things” from cooking or doing whatever around the house.

  • says:

    I just can’t be fashionable at home. I got to be completely comfy. But then again…I like comfy clothes where ever I go.

  • amanda says:

    I agree with Katies comment, it’s unnecessary to wear something fashionable when you’re home and nobody will see you. But. I do match my clothes I wear when I’m home. So they look nice together. I don’t know why. That’s just the way it is.

  • Rhamier "2 Bad" Auguste says:

    I was raised the same and no that doesnt make you a fashion faker. Its no point in wasting perfectly good clothes inside when all your trying to do is relax. I’m comfortable with my basketball shorts and no shirt(LOL) and my flip flops. Its summer but In the winter I would wear my Ralph Lauren PJ’s and a white undershirt. P.S I love your blog. Your the best

  • fashion herald says:

    of course it doesn’t make you a faker! I love being a slob at home, but if my husband’s around i try to keep it skimpy slobby, so he doesn’t get too sad!

  • Style Addict says:

    you are not a faker no one wants to ruin their best clothes. I change at home too I dont care about what I am wearing inside!

  • Always In Style says:

    It’s pretty pathetic but when I’m home or running errands around the neighborhood I dress like a total slob…meanwhile I have closets packed with designer and vintage clothing that go unworn because I don’t want to “mess” them up.


    You’ve really got me rethinking that.

  • laurakitty says:

    Yeah, let’s trade links!

    I don’t think you’re a faker, but I personally never dress down- I just don’t own anything thing that would count as that as they never grab my attention enough to buy them…

  • Lauren says:

    When I’m home during the summer, I’m usually in running shorts and a tank. I only put in effort if I’m going out or having people over at my house. I don’t change when I come home from school usually, but if it’s a weekend or the summer I always dress down.

  • STARR says:

    I don't think its logical to expect to dress well both inside AND outside. For one thing I never wear shoes inside so that takes away a big part of my outfits. I also don't wear jackets or scarves etc. because…I'm inside lol. So even if I'm not wearing sweatpants I'm just left with a tee and shorts or something equally simple.

    p.s. Love your blog. Yes lets exchange links! <3

  • Brooke says:

    I think that may depend on one’s opinion of “dressing up” versus “dressing for comfort”.

    At least, for me, there is a discrepancy between when I dress to go out or just staying at home, but the difference isn’t necessarily in “stylishness”. For example, when I go out I put effort into layering and mixing prints/patterns, whereas when I’m home, I fall back on a vintage slip/slouchy cardigan uniform. It may not be as creative as a going-out outfit, but I think it’s at least a bit more stylish than probably a t-shirt + sweats combo, but without spending any more effort and still as comfy. The same goes for just throwing on a jersey dress, or pairing a perfect white tee with any random skirt — style and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive.

    To be constantly thinking of new outfits both in and out the house just seems unreasonable. But one can look good without really thinking about it!

    Wooo.. sorry for this whale of a comment, but this is a great discussion post, and it’s just a topic that’s been on my mind recently.

  • e.jay says:

    You are hardly a fashion faker! Dressing how you want to feel (sexy, comfortable, sophisticated) IS fashion! Don’t ever worry about that, because I seriously doubt there are more than a few who “dress up” all the time, no matter what they say.

  • Alison says:

    I dress so lazy when I’m at home. Nobody is there to impress so why look incredible if there is nobody to see? :P

  • Trixy Tran says:

    i put a lot of thought about what i wear outside, but when it comes to inside the house, i really don’t care – i hope that doesn’t mean i’m a fashion faker!

  • chauss says:

    i love to be really comfortable at home abd wear vintage ts with ripped seams/holes…. i am a bed blogger. :)

  • Sammie says:

    I love to be comfortable at home, I’m usually in a v-neck and whatever shorts I can find.

    Oh, and I’d love to exchange links!

  • Emily says:

    hey! I’ll definitely link to you!

    For some reason, even when I was little, I have to be wearing clothes that I like all the time. Even when I’m at home. It can be very impractical lol.

  • Alice Point says:

    Hi, thank you for your kind words:) Your blog is realy cool. I want to exchange links with you:)
    I am adding you to my blog roll now:)


  • La Femme Chic says:

    I’m exactly the same way! Every since elementary school, I’ve come home and changed out of my “good” clothes. I tend to dress more comfortably at home, also.

    And I would love to do a link exchange! I’m adding you right now. :)

  • Rosa C. says:

    hia yep i’ll link exchange you :]

  • BlackNails_PinkLips says:

    when i’m inside the house i do dress in like basketball shorts and sweat pants, or maybe a pair of worn in jeans and a wife beater. it is actually a habit of mine as well because my parents used to always make me change into “play clothes”. i don’t think it makes you a faker, it just means you want to be comfortable inside. i would never wear it outside my house, but i think wearing, for example, high heels in your house would be just as bad as if i did. IMO

  • STYLE DU MONDE says:

    I don’t think there is anything fake about dressing up to go out. I think most people do it that way. I know I do :-)


  • Weekly Blogette says:

    i loved this post, so thoughtful.
    funny u say that i just bought some sweats (but from victoria’s secret) that way im wearing cute sweats lol. prob like the first time i bought some myself and i am def someone who likes to look stylish otuside of the house, but when im in the house i usually dont get dressed till later or stay in my pjs, juss bc im not going out.haha
    new post bytheway hope to hear from u

  • The Seeker says:

    I love your insights!!!

    I think most of fashionistas aren’t fake, just real people that like some confort when are resting or doing something at home.


  • *N* says:

    I’m sooo guilty here. I just got back from the Bahamas, and on the trip wore a little sundress but when I got home first thing i wanted to do was put on some hard tails and a t-shirt…

    ps i would love to link! love you’re blog!

  • enc says:

    It sounds to me like you’re being true to yourself, not a faker.

    I put pajamas on the minute I get home, if I know I’m not going back out. Why bother with real clothes? I make sure they match, though.

  • Kinsey says:

    i would love to link you!

  • bollywoodblogger says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. I dress in sweats and tees when I get home.

  • MizzJ says:

    Well, I try to at least look comfy stylish so that if a hot mailman comes to the door I don’t feel embarrassed answering ;) That being said, the moment I got home today I changed into a pair of flannel cow pj bottoms, a tank and slippers!

  • Melissa says:

    I love this post, because I’ve asked myself this question so many times. I have to say that I do dress down when I’m around the house and don’t plan on leaving at all. But I also am not a believer of sweats or sneakers. But I don’t think that you are a “fashion faker” because you don’t feel the need to dress fashionable for your family.
    By the way, I put your link up.

  • Catherine Ashley Talks fashion says:

    to be honest, ive been wearing the same dress at home for the past 10 years. and i have 2! but in different colours. they are ripped and torn, but they are just so comfortable!

    maybe ill do some shopping for winter home clothes!

  • Miss Victory says:

    I don’t admire women for never dressing down. I marvel at the fact that Dita Von Teese literally dresses like that all the time. She is missing out on the lovely feeling of just slobbing around with her boyfriend in an old t-shirt. Fashion and style are the stuff of life for me, but they’re what make my life better, not the essence of life itself.

  • lopi says:

    Hey, most people are like that. It’s not a bad thing. Not everyone feels the need to wear satin nightgowns and high-heeled slippers to lounge on the couch while eating junk food. But I do love my Hello Kitty pyjamas!
    And yes, of course I’d like to exchange links. In fact, I’ve already added you!

  • Margherita. says:

    I dress way down when I’m at home. I like to be able to be in clothes I could curl up in bed in. Lots of baggy tshirts and soffe shorts. Because of this, I put more effort into going out outfits, and I like to really pull out all the stops.

  • LaCouturier says:

    mm i just started so i don’t really know what linking or whatever is. but i do love your blog!

    i’ve actually thought about this too! (so i’m not crazy) that’s a really good question. what if you dont dress “fashionable” just cuz you dont have the money to? but at home, i guess i still dress nicely? i rarely wear sweats or sweatshirts. i always have match! haha

  • Skye says:

    I think I dress up even more when I’m just at home – I can really go crazy with the highest heels and stuff when I don’t have to go anywhere – and my husband loves it too, so that’s a bonus. I decided to let go of the “good clothes” concept a while ago – otherwise gorgeous things were never seeing the light of day.

  • Copycat Sasha says:

    I can’t stand wearing sweatpants or anything like that anywhere! Even at home around my family, if I don’t like the way I look, I have to change or I feel uncomfortable.

  • Mademoiselle Frou-Frou says:

    yes, it’s so hard to dress up when at home. i’ve always wanted to have a casual chic look around the house, but it just doesn’t happen.

  • S.A.A. says:

    Oh dear god NO! Home wear is a completely different catagory to what we wear outside the house just like the way you’d wear a different outfit for work as you would at a sunday rugby match!!!!


    Please take a look at my fashion blog and tell me what you think!

  • TheSundayBest says:

    I wear a hooded sweatshirt and shorts. I’ll never dress up inside unless I get a silk smoking jacket. Then all bets are off.

  • SarahLovesFashion says:

    I dont dress as nice at home as i do when i go out because I have a cat and she molts EVERYWHERE and its the worst thing ever to have all these little ginger cat hairs all over my nice cardigans and dresses and what not so its skinny jeans and tee shrirts for me at home! Also i always end up getting SOMETHING down me at home be it tomato sauce or toothpaste or something I’d rather not have down my nice clothes. I guess thats because i’m more relaxed at home and know my cat or family arent really going to care what i wear anyway.

  • {this is glamorous} says:

    Interesting question, and one that I haven’t the faintest idea how to answer, although am sitting here in a dress and heels while catching up on blog reading . . .

  • groovacious says:

    haha i do the same too…i guess we’re all crowd pleasers.

  • Lisa says:

    hmm.. thats interesting. I’ve never heard of this before. I treat all of my clothes the same. although, I’m not completely fashion oriented (I have a friend who always has matching clothes and accessories) I don’t change out of my clothes after I get home. I usually don’t dress up for the weekends and just wear sweats, but during the week, I dress the same whether at home, or at school/shopping/whatever.

  • when im at home i totally indulge my inner slob. LOL!!!

  • Lisa says:

    We’re totally the same. I’m not sure whether I have been raised that way, but it sure is what I’m doing right now. It’s probably because I feel like wasting a perfectly good outfit and I’m afraid it gets worn down (while nobody has had a chance to take a look at it except for me). It feels a bit like faking, but isn’t that what we all do? I think that all girls with a bit of a sense-for-fashion not only wear fashionable clothes for themselves but also for others.
    If I’m looking at what I’m wearing right now I would be ashamed to wear it outside the house… Haha, it’s just a sweatshirt and shorts and an ugly top, but it’s so not my style (and on top of that, the pattern of the top really clashes with the stripes of the sweatshirt – not positively meant) and it’s a real ugly outfit – if it can be called an outfit.
    I could go on on like this forever.


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