How high will you go?

Orlando Pita, a famous hairdresser, is known for his $800 haircuts that he charges in his salon located in New York.

Orlando Pita, a famous hairdresser, is known for his $800 haircuts that he charges in his salon located in New York.

$200. $500. $800. These are all big dollars, but for what exactly? A dress? How about a pair of shoes? Oh wait, maybe a great bag! No. What I’m talking about is the price of a haircut.

The other day I went to a nearby salon for a cut, and I have to admit I’m frugal at times so the bill didn’t even go to $20. (Yes, I know, I’m a cheapo!) Anyway, while researching about haircuts, I find out that the average price of one in America is $21. The most expensive cut I have ever gotten was about $80. And to me anything over $100 is pretty pricey which makes me wonder, what makes a person want to spend over hundreds of dollars on a haircut? Better yet, what pushes a salon to charge such expensive cuts?

Stylists battle about prices all the time, some low, some high. One of the fashion industry’s most famous hairdressers, Orlando Pita, opened a salon in New York with haircuts for $800. He sticks by his price and explains, “My clients really care about their hair. Maybe they don’t pay that kind of money for a pair of shoes or a bag. It’s all relative to what we think is important.” However, other stylists argue that anything over $500 is outrageous.

In my opinion, those that charge a lot are marketing their name and status which makes prices go up, but really the quality of the cut doesn’t change that much when you are comparing expensive ones. As a client, I think you just take pride in who you got your hair cut by and how much you spent on it, which boosts your liking toward your cut. So if you have the money, why not? Many women spend hundreds on shoes that they only wear a few times, so what’s the harm in getting a $600 haircut that will last you months?

I think each person has their own standards, so I feel that there’s nothing wrong with sticking under $100 (like me) and I don’t find an $800 haircut too outrageous either. As long as you feel comfortable in paying the price, I don’t think there’s anything bad about it, and hey, maybe one day I’ll try Orlando Pita’s cut out to see if it’s really that great. (Well, I’m sure it’ll be much much better than the one I got the other day!)


  • Mariane M. says:

    the most i’ve paid for a haircut is a hundred twenty pounds, which is like…200 dollars-ish? but it also included a treatment. my hair looked AMAZING after, but all its glory was gone the next day after i washed my hair. i was too lazy to style it and it eventually grew out into the mop it is today, haha. never spending that much money again. ever.

    thank you for the comment by the way. and yes, i would love to exchange links. i’ve already linked you. keep in touch . xx

  • Janneke says:

    I would love to link up with your blog! I have already added you to my favorites!

    I can’t believe someone spend hundreds of dollars on a haircut. I spend 18 euros (25 dollars?) on a haircut and I think that’s more than enough!

  • Claudia says:

    Everytime I go to Romania, I go to what I think is one of the best stylists in Romania, he is so good. But he works very much and actually only people he knows, and I know him because of my cousin. Anyway, a haircut costs like, 7 dollars, but i’ll pay 100 dollars for his work. I think 800 dollar is sick, I just don’t get it.

    Ps. It’s like the best stylists are male..

  • Lisa says:

    oh my. I agree 100%.

    I am the cheapest when it comes to haircuts. I am really bad too… I maybe get it cut twice a year ( gross I know!) I also don’t color as I feel my hair grows too fast and its too much money to keep up.

    but I have been thinking about hiding a few highlights underneath just to give it a kick as I’ve never really done anything drastic with my hair. I am such a bore:)

    this has reminded me that maybe I should go get a trim….

    thanks lady love for the wonderful post.

    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

  • gaia mariana says:

    I would love to link with your blog. I find your posts really exciting, like the one about girls doing their make up in public.

  • The Seeker says:

    I think prices for haircuts in USA and Canada are sooooooooo high.
    Here I pay 20 euros and I think it’s expensive….


  • Sal says:

    People say that if you’re calculating cost-per-use, laying down some serious dough in a really good, stylish haircut is a sound investment. But if you’ve got a really simple hairstyle, like me, I don’t see the point. I love going to Great Clips and paying $14!

  • Betsey says:

    yes, i totally agree with what you’ve written. the most expensive haircut ive gotten was 160 dollars. and i felt horrrible and will never ever pay that much again (even though it was really cute!) but i guess if you have the money…why not spend $800 for a fabulous cut? nice post!

  • yiqin; says:

    Ohyes, as long as you are comfortable its okay. It's your money anyway! :) But I have never spent more than 30 for my hair! & even wit my love for shoes, I never spent more than 30 for them either!

  • charlotte says:

    ilove your blog! kissou my new blog mode :

  • Tia says:

    I completely agree with you, but I wouldn’t pay $800 unless I had as much money as I like to spend.
    Still, well done to Orlando Pita. If people are going to pay you $800 dollars for a haircut then why not charge it! =D


  • Meanshots22 says:

    no i disagree. you’re not cheap you’re just reasonable. thats way to much for a haircut.

  • Juliet says:

    i never just cut my hair when i go to hairdresser, I always also take a new colour and the price is usually somewhere between 60-80 € which is … somewhere like 50 $?

    juliet xxx

  • 1234 says:

    haha my haircuts are only ever 15-20 bucks. but im going to a real hair salon next sunday…wonder how much that will cost me…

  • The Clothes Horse says:

    Ah…I guess if I had the money…But it does seem like a bit of a waste. But are they including color and extensions? Because just snipping hair away definitely sounds like a waste!

  • Robin says:

    I totally agree with you

  • belle.chantelle says:

    Many times, the cut is equal to that of a small little salon with a very experienced hair dresser.
    Those prices are ridiculous. Especially since the haircuts people get are just normal trims, bobs, layers. Nothing a well-rounded hairdresser can’t do.
    Speaking from years, and years of in depth insight into that industry.

  • Hanna says:

    I would love to trade links with you.

    The most I’ve paid for a haircut is about $50. For me personally, it’s not worth it because I rarely cut my hair, and never cut it above my shoulder blades. If I had that sort of money, I’d much rather spend it on shoes or a nice dress.

  • TINE says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! You have a great one as well, and I’m going to add you to my blogroll!

    Also, I have a hard time spending more than $20 on a haircut because I like my hair long so all I really need are trims. And am I wrong to say that I don’t think trims are worth that much?

  • Jen says:

    My haircuts usually cost about £80, so about $150-ish? But thats because I get a full head of highlights. Can’t remember the last time I had just a cut!

    Oh and thanks for visiting my blog :) Yours is so interesting, I’ve added it to my bloglist ! x

  • Ariella says:

    When I go to the hairdresser I usually pay around $150 to 200, but that’s because everything in my country is expensive and you cannot get a decent haircut for under $100. I usually also get both a cut and highlights when I go.

  • Cheryl Lynn says:

    I do my own hair, perm, cut, style, the works. Needless to say I take pride in the fact that everytime someone comments on my hair and asks where I get it done, I can respond, “in my bathroom, thank you very much!” LOL.

    I believe that when it comes to designers, stylists, and the like, charging exhorbitant prices for their fashions or services, it’s because they think that those are the prices a certain segment of the population WANT to pay for prestige purposes. Apparently, they’re right…

    Have a great one.

  • copperoranges says:

    i will def add you to my blog roll! :)

    i read an article about the $800 haircut. completely ridiculous! the most i’ve ever paid for a haircut is $70.

  • Abby says:

    my most recent haircut was, including tip, $105 which i was COMPLETELY APPALLED AT, until i got home, took a long look at my hair, and realized it had never looked or felt so good in my entire life. i couldnt afford to pay that much for a haircut every time, but if i ever come into $105 and need a haircut, i’d do it again.

  • lisa says:

    I like your tolerant stance toward the $800 haircuts. I had my hair cut and permed last time by my hairdresser in Chinatown and it came to $90 after tip. He’s a nice guy and he does a good job with my hair (he knows how to handle really thick Asian hair). Usually my haircuts come to around $20 after tip though. I can’t fathom spending more than that, but then again, I’m planning to drop quite a bit more than $800 on a purse this fall and some people have been giving me flack for that. :P

  • Farren says:

    when it comes to haircuts i’m pretty frugal. but, i’m not big on hair so i guess that’s why. i do find 800 for a haircut ludicrous though… but, to each their own! i mean. like he said if your hair is important to you then spend 800! but to me 800 would be ludicrous. but i do understand why some would spend 800.

  • Nay'Chelle says:

    I think how appropriate the price is relative to the person who’s paying. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cut cost more than $100 though.

  • Nay'Chelle says:

    I think how appropriate the price is relative to the person who’s paying. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cut cost more than $100 though.

  • Nay'Chelle says:

    I think how appropriate the price is relative to the person who’s paying. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cut cost more than $100 though.

  • esme and the lane way says:

    I’d love to see an $800 haircut – it’d have to be pretty amazing!

  • Kicking couture gal says:

    I think it depends on the salon and also the hairdresser. A best cut may not be by a $300 cut but by a $50 at a small salon. I get mine done at a small salon in town which is better than the more upmarket Salon in town.

  • Songy says:

    Hi Fashion Addict. Thank you for your comment and the offer of the link exchange. Consider it done. :)

    yep.. I gave up spending hundreds of dollars for cut and colour for my hair. It’s just hit and miss most times. Until I find my match for a stylist.. I’m going cheap. :)

  • Rora says:

    Thanks for the comment! i’d love to link up

  • Krissy says:

    i added you to my blogroll too!
    i don’t think i would ever pay more than 30$ for a haircut. either that or my mom will cut my hair for free. and that last post about asian women? i’m phillipino and people at my school still walk by and shout “ching chong ee!”. i don’t let it get to me though, because i’m always going to want to look like this or that, and i should just accept what i have

  • KiKi says:

    i look at it this way yesterday i ought a clinique foundation brush for $28 and went into target and found he same one (well they were close) for $5 really i think with everything especially fashion and beauty you pay for the name while the quality may be a little better at a more expensive salon if you get a great cut for $20 that makes you feel great then why should you pay $800 for one that makes you feel the same just maybe $800 poorer

  • KiKi says:

    oh and ps about your last post i am white but i have a very low brow bone which makes my eyelids kind of “disapear” in a way. i was always felt kind of weird about it but i would never go to extreme lengths to “fix it” i like who i am even though i may not be the image of “normal”. i completly agree that we should embrace what we ourslves think are flaws

  • Aurore says:

    You let me a comment where you were wondering if I want to link our two blog, and I accept! I just added you!

  • K says:

    sure, i've just linked you now!

    & i've never spent more than $40 on a haircut, personally i dont need them, i'm bigger on getting a great wash and conditioner.

  • Margherita. says:

    My haircuts are usually around $40. I don’t get mine done too often, so I like getting it blowdried, cut, washed, thinned, etc.

    If you get a dye job or highlights, I’d say I wouldn’t go over $120.

  • 5:32 In The Morning says:

    Sure. Let’s link up. :)

  • editor says:

    i’ve spent from $20 to $200, plus the whole range in between AND i’ve done it myself. i had a great hairdresser who was charging $100 when i met him, and it has now creeped up to $160. he has not changed or improved his technique from when he was $100, so does that make the $160 haircut a $100 haircut? interesting. he is a great cutter, so the $100 felt like a bargain, and the $160 did not feel unreasonable. it did feel uncomfortable, however, to me personally, so i’m cutting it myself now. i went to another place once that was $120 (plus tax and tip) and i HATED the cut. hate hate hated it.
    with pita, a big factor is the value of his time. his skills and experience are not common, so for sure he is at the top of the pile for talented stylists, but the real justification must be his time, because he can earn far more than $800 for an hour of editorial work.

  • editor says:

    oh, almost forgot, i add links on my blog when i start to visit a site regularly, so it takes me a while, but if a blog is a must-read for me, i do eventually add it. thank you for asking.
    and i liked this post – i love talking hair.

  • Jen (MahaloFashion) says:

    that’s why i cut my own hair:)

  • Good Golly Miss Mollie says:

    hey you commented on my blog ages ago and i’m finally getting around to replying lol. lets link, i love your blog

  • enc says:

    As you say, it’s perceived value. I’d definitely pay more for a seasoned stylist who had some experience, vs. trying to save money with a rookie.

  • Danz says:

    It really depends on what it is exactly that I’m paying for and how important it is to me at that time. If it’s something I think is really worth it, I’ll pay as much as I can to get the best. However, the best does not necessarily mean the most expensive. There are plenty of skilled hairstylists out there who charge reasonable prices for their services.

  • Blicious says:

    Thank god one of my closest friends is a hairdresser. :)
    i would love to link with you. :)

  • ♥ Marta ♥ says:

    I think that I would never spend more than $200/month on my hair care …. :)

  • Jessica says:

    I agree. Mine usally cost around 80-100$ canadian, but it’s because i only go when i need something for my hair, like coloring or treatment.

  • unnecessary:necessaries says:

    I have short hair, so up-keep is a bit of a pain. I used to get my ‘do’ done every 4 weeks and it was over $120! Being the loyal customer/sucker that I was for over 8 years…hmm…I don’t even want to bother calculating the cost…depressing.
    What the heck was I thinking???

    Well now, I’m going to a local no-name salon that charges $26 +tip and I think they actually do a better job. And my bank account thanks me too :)

  • Robyn says:

    The most I’ve spent at the hairdressers is $80 ($70 US) and that was for a perm and cut. Usually I pay about $18 ($15 US) for a hair cut, wash and blow dry. I don’t think a more expensive hairdresser would give me a much better cut as my usual hairdresser has given me everything from a sleek pob (before it was called that) to crazy avant garde styles and I’ve always loved them.

    (Oh and I didn’t know in the US that you tip your hairdresser…I had a cut in new york and couldn’t work out why the guy greased me off as I walked out…then I found out later. oops.)

  • TheSundayBest says:

    For a guy I’m on the high end (at least based on my conversations), but I still pay less than $40. $800 verges on the fetishistic.

  • Rae- Sea of Style says:

    I totally feel you. I only get my edges trimmed, and if it cost more than $10 I think I’m geting ripped of. Especially because I used to get hair cuts at places lie SuperCuts, and they only cost 11 buck. However, I’ve been wearing hair weave for the past two years, and I’ve paid up to $300.

  • vipgal says:

    my most expensive style cut was the worst style cut i had.. not surprisingly the salon closed soon after

  • MizzJ says:

    Good lord, what do they do to the hair to justify that?! You make a good point though, to each their own. Although, at least with a purse you could potentially own that purse forever!

  • Lola says:

    wow…the the best hair cuts ive ever gotten were for $20 (not including tip) and for that I got my hair washed, cut, and then blow dried/styled at a small hair salon downtown. and the guy did a fantastic job with my hair. but that was when i was living in thailand in high school. now that ive moved to the us for college im so scared to get my hair cut cuz for $20 i know the quality will be much worse here than back in Thailand..sigh..america is soo freakin expensive sometimes

  • Kindle says:

    yes, most America’s haircuts (like $20 in small/middle towns) are rather expensive for its quality of the result. The only exception, in my experience, was the hairstylist from Thailand who gave me a great haircut. But he moved to LA…and so I’m resolved to grow my hair until I find another good hair stylist > <
    and I agree with you, it's people's choice how much they are willing to pay for….but $800 is pretty expensive if you think about how often such a hair-(obsessed) client would go to salon…to me, even if it was a bad haircut, hairs will grow anyway. I might cry for a min, but it's nothing for me to be so attached to.
    p.s.~ clients have to tip the hair stylist? never knew that..(uh oh)..maybe that's just in super haute-couture salons(?) I don't like the idea of 'tipping' the server anyway, whether it's in restaurants or elsewhere. To me, it's a practice that seems to embody older hierarchical society…I'd be really depressed if my career was influenced by ever-changing 'tips', and would prefer to be fired if I caused something. Wouldn't life be simpler without tips?

  • Anica says:

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