A New Collection From Victoria Beckham

With so many people raging over the fact that celebrities have gone too far with designing, there are still some that are out to show off their skills. Victoria Beckham has recently debuted her newest collection of upscale dresses and we all want to know what the collection looks like, right? Well, it’s not that easy with Victoria Beckham; you must have an appointment to see her full collection of dresses. That’s very posh of her!


“This is a very personal collection for me. I’ve always been drawn to intricate, seam-detailed designs as their structure enhances the flattering shape of a woman’s silhouette. My signature dress collection is timeless, a modern interpretation of my inspirations.”

So what else do we want to know about her collection besides the designs? The price, of course. Reports have stated that the dresses are priced from $600-$1400, and others have reported that it even goes up to $3,500. What?! And I thought Lindsay Lohan’s leggings were expensive. I really don’t think a celebrity, even as glamorous as she is, can pull off a price range like that. It just not reasonable to me. Catherine Malandrino doesn’t even charge that much and I think it’s silly of Victoria Beckham to try to go up against true designers.

As I’ve written before in my posts, I think celebrities should stay out of designing because when they do step into the fashion world, talented designers lose the spotlight they deserve. Victoria Beckham is a beautiful and talented person with many skills; I just think she should stick to singing and be the one that models clothes instead of designing them.


  • Nita-Karoliina says:

    way too pricey! but have to admit that blue one is nice. i dont like VB at all in other ways..

  • Moriah Moody says:

    wow, i first of all wouldn’t buy it if it was at target for 20 bucks, but 3,550.

    and posh isn’t posh.

    btw, im new at blogging so please link me and i will do the same.



  • lev_i_mote says:

    i have to agree. they are nice and everything but, the prices are ubsurd.

  • Trixy Tran says:

    That’s definitely WAY too pricey. I love Victoria Beckham, but it’s unreasonable for a celebrity to charge so much – even designers who have lots of talent and experience don’t charge that much.

  • Marilynn says:

    She’s charging way too much. No way are they worth that much. I agree with trixy tran, it’s just plain unreasonable.

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  • Farren says:

    I agree completely with you. Celebrities need to stick to what they do best (or think they do best) and quit trying to be a designer just to get some quick bucks. Plus, when celebrities do make clothes — their fans are the ones who buy them and not other celebrities. So she should be targeting that demographic instead of trying to be upscale about it.

  • lisa says:

    I wouldn’t pay that much for a Posh dress, but the designs seem very sleek and wearable, which is more than can be said of other celeb design efforts.

    It’s interesting that you think of her as a Spice Girl and tabloid fave first and a designer second, Fashion Addict. I think most of us feel the same way. However, I remember seeing an interview with her on some entertainment news show a while ago, where she said that, for her, singing comes second to fashion and she’s always seen herself as more interested in fashion and style.

  • The Seeker says:

    What??? Put expensive on that!!!!

    And I agree, nowadays everybody wants to launch something fashion. Keep that to designers.


  • Little Bow Prep says:

    I agree they are overpriced, and the designs look rather simple.

  • Diane says:

    those prices are ridiculous! i mean, i dont mind it when celebs design stuff…especially if the designs are good. but i mean COME ON! her clothing is not worth that much! i say let those prices to the designers that are the real deal.

  • The Clothes Horse says:

    These dresses definitely suit Vicky B’s style.

  • fashionista says:

    These are ridiculously overpriced, but they are fairly good looking dresses…

  • enc says:

    I guess the proof will be in the pudding. If people pay the prices she charges, then she can go up against professional designers. I wonder what will happen.

  • fashion herald says:

    too pricey, but not bad!

  • hidzume says:

    They really are overpriced, and the dresses look rather simple to me..


  • Siie says:

    I wouldnt buy her dresses, they just lack character and edge.

  • Sal says:

    I’ll be curious to see more images as they emerge. Posh has a great sense of style … though I agree that celeb lines often fall flat.

  • Mimi says:

    Looks totally like posh herself.
    The first outfit is quite nice.

  • S says:

    That is WAY too much money even for most ‘real’ designers, let alone VB! And I like her, but I agree that this is going too far

  • Camille says:

    I find it super irritating also that celebs are selling their clothes for so much. What happened to the average person! If you are a celeb and you only want other celebs wearing your clothes… than fine… but what about everyone else. Grrr…. damn V. Beckham!

  • Ida says:

    VB is now a designer? I had no idea. I am actually curious as to what she’ll come up with:) Those dresses do look promising.

  • LML says:

    she would have an appointment only collection!

  • Dana says:

    I love VB but I could`t afford this in a million years!!

  • LaCouturier says:

    her designs aren’t unique. i most def agree! (lindsay lohan’s leggings were a disaster…)

    i’ve moved my blog! http://lacouturiernyc.wordpress.com

  • whensdinner says:

    Hi! I’ve added you to my favourite blogs list, because you have an awesome blog! Keep up the great work :)

  • Marina says:

    I like VB and her style, but I don’t like her collection(((
    Great blog!

  • issa says:

    wow that is ridiculously expensive..

  • Supercalifashionista says:

    I’d love to link to your blog! I’m so sorry I haven’t been too good about comments! Linking you now!

  • Meanshots22 says:

    I LIKE BOTH OF THE DRESSES. THEY ACTUALLY look like something she would wear

  • kpriss says:

    ah, because she can sing? Oh, well, we have different “singing” opinions then! (but we have similar celebrity-designer opinions)

  • Civilized Spice says:

    Each of those dresses scream Victoria Beckham. Although, they are rather demure compared to her usual wardrobe. I did a mini review of the NY Fashion Shows so far… check it out at CIVILIZED SPICE

  • Grayburn says:

    Ouch! Expensive…

    x Grayburn

  • Hunters Glory says:

    I love Vicky B!

  • spicyladies@civilizedspice.com says:

    PS… Do you want to exchange links? I’ve added you to our blogroll…

    Thanks! :)


  • Robyn says:

    …is the bust on that navy dress meant to be quite so eye-gougingly pointy, or was the model just chilly? because I think it looks a little odd. Nice dresses, but expensive much!?!?!? I wonder who will fork out that much for a simple dress.

  • Romany says:

    Eh. I’m a bit over celebrity fashion lines. This one doesn’t seem particularly ground-breaking, either.

  • ♥ Marta ♥ says:

    I think that celebs should stop designing … it puts the fashion world into shame… and those dresses are way toooo expensive, I mean come on she’s a Spice Girl not Versace :S

  • Juliet says:

    If there would be just few celebs doing this it would be OK for Vic ( well, in more reasonable prices ofcorse ) but now wannabe poshs are gonna take their try. And That is just cheap and useless.

    juliet xxx

  • designscene says:

    one of the few celebs that actually have a passion for fashion is Victoria…
    still i feel this is half hearted, and does not have such a serious approach from Mrs Beckham… we will see how this will go in the future
    Producing the same design in few diferent colors, does not make few different designs…. from what i saw she just re-designed few of her fave dresses, made em in few colors with few different details, it does hold her look and it does look nice, still its nothing huge to me, or serious.

  • Bedroom Talk says:

    OMG why and how is it that V.B. can create such a tailored but sexy look?!? I envy her…..who doesn’t lol

  • Blicious says:

    i like!!!! classy!

  • groovacious says:

    I never ever saw Posh as a fashion icon. Never. And now that I see her designs, I can see why. It’s very minimalistic but it doesn’t make her different from any other designer out there.

  • Margherita. says:

    That dress (the white one) is almost exactly the same as one Heidi Klum wore a bit ago.

  • michelle says:

    They are definitely very much her :P

  • this wheel's on fire says:

    i agree!! :)

  • this wheel's on fire says:

    i agree!! :)

  • this wheel's on fire says:

    i agree!! :)

  • Secretista says:

    I hate when designers just slap their names on a label. Gwen Stefani is the only worthy Celebrity I know who actually designs her collections.

  • Dapper Kid says:

    From what I’ve seen of the range, not really worth that large a price tag! Although some of the pieces are nice, I don’t think she should be able to charge that much simply because she is famous. She is famous, but not as a designer.

  • KiKi says:

    wayyyy too expensive!!!!

  • Fashion Critic says:

    I think the tailoring and materials used justify the price.

    Victoria is looking at this as a career, not a quick fix to make a quick buck like Heidiwood or the Lauren Conrad Collection.

    This is not aimed at people like you and me who shop in Zara, H&M and Topshop. It is aim at women with a greater disposable income.

    She wants her stuff to sell on Net-A-Porter.com, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, Harrods, Harvey Nicks and Selfridges.

  • Christina Lee says:

    I saw her collection on style.com and I have to say I like it. But I’m with you, I’d rather see her wear it than “design” it

  • ashley says:

    I certainly would not pay that much for a dress designed by Victoria. I’d much rather save up for a 3.1 Phillip Lim. But that’s just me, I’m a little cynical towards her.

  • judy says:

    i would never wear clothes designed by her…

  • El Notable says:

    I actually like them but they are way overpriced…
    this is my blog and I am taking pics of the fashion style in Madrid Fashion Week if you want to take a look!

  • yiqin; says:

    Ah I love posh..maybe its because of spice girls! & yes, I think they should stay away from designing too.. Unless they are affordable!

  • roxanne says:

    lovely dresses, outrageous prices, but i can’t say i’m terribly surprised.. an appointment to see the full collection, though? now that’s a bit much.

  • AusAnna says:

    haha for sure. her prices are out of this world. for a design so simple and way below marc and valentino
    not really impressed with the collection, looks like she just copied her own wardrobe.

  • Nay'Chelle says:

    Waaay overpriced

  • Nay'Chelle says:

    Waaay overpriced

  • Nay'Chelle says:

    Waaay overpriced

  • LuVvy says:

    lovely, but pricey, yes…at that point…why not just choose the most luxurious fabrics and the best seamstress and have her make one especially custom for you, right?

  • Nicole Linette says:

    Eeks, I couldn't pull off Posh's style I think, especially at that price! Does she really want a Posh-nation of clones? :(


  • Shoegal says:

    Didn’t hear anything ’bout the price range and sincerely, I don’t think it’s any appropriate. You are right, too, saying celebrities shouldn’t try out off their occupation. There are professional designers and, as much as I think she grew on pretty classy, leave the way to the pros and stay doing what you do best: wear it better.
    PS: Love ur blog dar

  • Tina :) says:

    Those dresses are very pretty, but I am so sickof celebs designing, too. Besides, she’s not even designing the clothes! And the prices? Ridiculous. I think she should stick to modeling clothes, not designing them, too.

    By the way – Would you like to link blogs?

  • -h of candid cool says:

    i think its ridiculous for her to be charging that much, or any new brand to be charging that much. i think a higher price range is something one should earn & build over time.

  • MizzJ says:

    Loving fashion and designing fashion are too different things. I love fashion, but I would really hesitate to presume to design! Posh does have style but I doubt her inputs on this line. Btw, I don’t think she even sings anymore!

  • Katwalk says:

    I think it’s risky to put that much price to a first collection. I mean, what if it’s complete bs even though the person is great ?
    I understand working among making clothes that you have to make some kind of profit if you plan to do your clothes in an ethical way and with quality, but it’s wrong to use fans and people who adore that celebrity-designer to get way more money out of it than they should..

    wow… what an opinion xD

  • ive read that she uses roland mouret’s pattern makers and cutters. (which he introduced her to) and it’s even more so rumoured that he’s actually the one designing the line…
    ive heard the dresses fit amazing.
    i adore victoria, always have since the 5th grade. yes i agree celebrity lines are out of control. but there are some who seem to put more thought into it than others. vb could have taken the easier route and just had some things made in china somewhere, but she has an atelier in london. it is very expensive to be under her own name though since she has no formal training… but it sold out on its debut so she must be doing something right.

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