"Why do you like fashion so much?"

I was asked this question by one of my engineer friends at the university I go to. “Why do women love clothes and shoes so much?” was written all over his expression when he asked me. I replied, “My idea of fashion is not all about the clothes and the makeup, but the excitement and energy that the industry gives off. You see, it’s not just “stuff”.”

I study at a university that has more students majoring in science than any other department, so you can tell that I sometimes (more like all the time) get these kind of questions. I think fashion is exciting for the same reason why engineers are eager when they make better robots and develop faster computers or scientists that are delighted to know that they have a new lead to cure a disease.

Think of all the hard work they do, the impossible people they have to collaborate with, the time spent and finally BOOM! they have one of the best search engines online or a new piece of evidence why brain cells work the way they do. And it all started out with an idea to innovate something, to create something great.

The same goes for fashion. The tremendous thought the designers put into their clothes, models perfecting their struts and poses, photographers taking beautiful pictures, magazines that contribute by putting it in front of customers, and the manufacturers and hair and makeup artists: everybody comes together just to make something a reality. Whether a whole line of clothes or even just one shoe, so many people work hard to make it happen and that’s what I love about fashion.

And fashion isn’t just something girls like, it’s not as silly and insignificant as many people are made to think. I defend the industry because it’s one of the biggest in the market and it supplies thousands of people with jobs. This all helps the economy through the good times and the bad. The fashion industry also donates tons of money to help people around the world.

Fashion is really something. The industry is powerful, influencing, economic, and full of energy which is why I love it so much. I’m not saying scientists and engineers or whoever are boring or worthless either. What I’m trying to say is that I carry the same passion they do except in a different field. And there’s truly nothing wrong with that, as long as you enjoy what you do.


  • lev_i_mote says:

    i totally agree. i get that question a lot too! some people just don’t get it haha.


  • Dana says:

    Hey, I hope you are having a good week. I agree with you, everybody is different, and we all love and enjoy different stuff, so you don’t have to justify your love for fashion, because what you like is part of who you are, and as long as you are happy, you should be proud of yourself. XOXO.

  • Emily says:

    it’s funny how often i have to defend my love of fashion (mainly to guys). you certainly did it justice!

  • lisa says:

    Great response to an oft-asked question. I have a love-hate relationship with the frivolities of fashion and all of its wonders, but I always take personal offense when people look down on me because I’m interested in fashion. Anyone who thinks fashion completely separated from their own reality should rent The Devil Wears Prada and watch Meryl Streep’s cerulean speech. After all, it’s the one art form that everyone participates in every day of their life.

  • J'Adore Fashion says:

    nice response!!! I get a lot of similiar questions from people.

  • J'Adore Fashion says:

    nice response!!! I get a lot of similiar questions from people.

  • J'Adore Fashion says:

    nice response!!! I get a lot of similiar questions from people.

  • Miss Karen says:

    I agree with everyone here – that’s a great response.

    It’s funny how people can’t understand fashion and the art of style and always look at it from a consumerist perspective. Fashion is another form of visual art and it should afforded the same esteem.

  • fashion herald says:

    well said! Fashion has always been a vibrant, stimulating industry, and one that makes many people very happy!

  • enc says:

    Some people dismiss fashion as folly, but I think it’s sustenance for the sartorial soul.

    You wrote a nice essay.

  • Nita-Karoliina says:

    i totally agree, people dont get my obsession of fashion and clothes too (like my family and even some friends) my boyfriend understands, he likes fashion too, and we have same taste, kate moss, jamie hince, oete doherty, rock and roll, lace, leather etc.. so i am blessed that i have him as a boyfriend, his actually in tfs too :)

  • Laura M. says:

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  • Psyche says:

    You represented well! As an academic, it took me a long time to affirm my interest in style and fashion around colleagues. But, fashion is about ideas and it has value. I am now clear about that.

  • Sal says:

    Nicely stated, lady.

  • groovacious says:

    You said it, sistah!

  • Trendini says:

    well said! I get asked that question all the time and almost fele defensive when I answer, as if fashion is on a legitimate interest and I should be collecting stamps instead lol

    i get that silly/insignificant feeling all the time but depe down I know all the work everyone involved in the industry put in it. there is a great scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep explains where Anne Hathaway’s cerelean blue sweater came from…explains it all so well- the power of fashion and the influence it has on people :)

  • jo says:

    spot on (: nice that you pointed out the economic aspect of it and that fashion is just like any other vocation (if i can call it that) – so many people don’t see that!

  • Farren says:

    i am not one to shy away from expressing myself. but, when it comes to fashion — i hate saying it is something i like because of the usual reaction. it's usually the "oh." and you know in their head they're thinking "what a shallow girl" but it is so much more than just clothes and shoes and what not. i do believe it is art. a lot of people don't. but it is definitely wearable art. it's not all about trends. these designers are artists and we are just admirers of their artwork. <3

  • Dapper Kid says:

    I think fashion is something is overlooked despite the fact that is so intergral to society. Although many people think of clothes as simply clothes, it is undeniable that trends and fashion can define a moment in history and shape a generation. For example, the simple blue jean, the major impact that article of clothing has had, historically, culturally, internationally, is mindblowing.

  • Always In Style says:

    Great post.

    I would like to add that fashion design, like any other type of design is an art; a form of self-expression that says something about who you are, what you feel and think.

  • Slacker Chic says:

    Part of the reason I love fashion is to see the physical representation of how people express themselves. I also appreciate the individual ways people interpret different pieces. Like you and I and a 40 year old soccer mom can all be wearing a plain white tee, but be sporting it in totally different ways. I get a kick out of that.

  • Adiel says:

    Fantastic thoughts! Great post!

  • Trixy Tran says:

    I definitely agree – that’s why it bothers me when people label people love fashion as “superficial.” I mean, it really isn’t superficial at all.

    Fashion is an expression of self and being able to wear the clothes that you want and inspiring beauty. Fashion is a philosophy!

  • issa says:

    fashion is definitely an art form

  • lyndsey says:

    i agree along with everyone here, when im asked, i say that everyone is intrested in fashion whether they like fashion or not, just by picking a shirt out, there making a fashionable choice

  • yiqin; says:

    Ah I like to see how people dress up because I think it shows alot about them! & I enjoy dressing up, wearing pretty shoes, headbands & looking through makeup! So much fun! :D

  • KiKi says:

    for me fashion is another life in my town fashion is abercrombie. For me fashion is almost an escape from real life and into the life I would like to have

  • camilla says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE. fashion is really something. APPEARANCE IS EVERYTHING.=D

  • the Launderette says:

    well said.

    i’m writing a paper right now for an english class on fashion’s importance in today’s world. so its interesting to hear little snippets of what other people think.

  • roxanne says:

    so true. i think because fashion is such a pervasive presence in our lives – no matter how little we care about fashion, we still have to get dressed in the morning – people choose to relegate it to a thoughtless routine rather than delving into the multiple interesting facets of fashion as an art and industry.

  • Juliet says:

    I just have started to study fashion and for the first time i don’t have to explain what / why I feel for fashion. people just don’t get it.

    juliet xxx

  • Caro says:

    Well spoken, girl :D I agree. There’s a lot of aspects of fashion – it’s not only clothes. I love it, because it inspires me, and make me feel good (a bit superficial maybe?). It is my way of telling the world who I am. :) though I don’t have the money to buy it all :(

  • June Shin says:

    Nicely stated.

  • My Fashion Frenzy says:

    Well-written. I really understand where you’re coming from. xx

  • AusAnna says:

    wow, thats awesome hey. im sick to death of people calling me materialistic for my fashion love. did people call van gough materialistic, i dont think so. its art baby

  • Little Bow Prep says:

    I agree. Fashion is an aesthetic art!

  • Aurore says:

    I totally agree with you!

  • MizzJ says:

    Great post against all the haters! Why can’t people understand that fashion is an art form? People don’t go around going “Why are you so interested in that paint stuff?” yet they feel they can do it with fashion! If anything, fashion is the one art form accessible to anyone. Those guys should think about how much effort goes into designing those fancy laptops they oogle.

  • vipgal says:

    ive always thought the designers role in fashion is very interesting.. you gotta be something to be able to have so many original ideas like karl lagefeld xoxo

  • Anna Pope says:

    The clothes are like the cherry on top. I got into fashion by loving fashion photography. With just the clothes I think it would get so dull at one point.

  • Think Classy. says:

    Love your blog!!! Im adding you to my faves!! :)

  • Susanna-Cole says:

    Well said! :) I agree, and I’ve always thought fashion is not only a form of expression but an art form same as painting or movies or any other art.


  • GARDE-ROBE says:


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    Kind regards

  • Audrey Leighton says:


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  • Gebba says:

    I love your blog :)
    I totally agree, and someone said above, it all goes back to the speech in Devil Wears Prada for me. Well, that and some of the more “artistic” designers who create amazing things.

  • Ashli &lt;3 says:

    I agree with everything you say.

    And it’s amazing to think, also, about all thats happened in the process to make this industry possible, all the advancements, interest, and growth of the industry in general.

  • atelier says:

    I have exactly the same problems. Most of my friends study Science-related-degrees, such as engineer or computer-programming and things like that, and they don’t understand why I love fashion so much, and worse, sometimes they even make jokes. It’s cool I don’t listen to them since a while ago!!! but anyway, it’s not fair because, as you said, fashion is much more than just “stuff”

  • Ashleigh says:

    I get asked the same question all the time (esp. considering im also studying sciences)…and this response…is PERFECT…well put my dear ;)

  • Emily says:


  • Tiffany Tse says:

    This is my first time reading your blog and I love you for writing this! As an Asian-American who works in media/fashion, I’m always surrounded by my As-Am peers who are engineers, doctors, or accountants and I’ve often been made to feel like my work is less important than theirs. I always get, “The world wouldn’t be able to survive without the work we do but people could definitely get by without fashion, etc!” It’s often frustrating and upsetting, so thank you for this post!


  • LuVvy says:

    EXcellent response…

    Funny thing, I did a similar post when someone (actually a dear friend) called fashion narcissism. My response was a bit similar, but I did take it personally…heh heh



  • TheSundayBest says:

    Tell your engineer friend that men love fashion too…

  • C.A.T says:

    I really love this post, finally someone stood up for fashion addicts!

    I work in fashion industry, and I truly agree that this industry is very influencing, challenging, and I would say, unpredictable and the most important part is FUN!

  • Day says:

    I completely agree with this..
    Defend it!
    i asked my spanish teacher once for advice on whether i should attend an all Fashion college or jus an overall on..and he seaid that Fashion is an industry that doesnt make much money and he jus said sum other things that degraded the industry which hurt me so much!..so thanks for this it really gave me attitude to back up my Fashion =)

  • Grace says:

    I love this post.
    In my school, I’m also surrounded by science and math students. They don’t understand that fashion is a hobby, a interest, a passion. They only see it as a luxury or obsession for materialistic people — especially girls. It’s not worth it to explain my opinion of fashion.
    So, thank you for this wonderful wonderful post! It totally made my day =)

  • elanatheone says:

    Fashion is confidence and communication

  • maud says:

    yes, fashion is a perpetual movement, an endless research, that’s why it’s so exciting. Great post

  • ANGE says:

    That had to be the best answer. I’ll quote you, hahah! :)

  • Nancy says:

    mmm… I kind of agree. If fashion wasn’t so big, then those billions spent would go to other industries; probably industries that would help a country’s development and infrastructure way more than fashion does. It would be better for rich people to invest $10,000, instead of spending it on a dress (that will mostly benefit a few, designers and super models).
    I do agree that fashion is a form of art and a way to express yourself. But who said disposable art has to be that expensive, and if designer made clothes are art, why are there new trends every season? Why are people embarrassed of what they wore in the 80’s? I’ve never heard of a Van Gogh painting not being “in” anymore. I think that only a few items of clothing have managed to show the “timeless beauty” quality of art.
    So I think that fashion is more of a representation of what’s going on in society. If you look back at a 70’s wardrobe you could get an idea of what the mindset was at that time.
    Fashion’s value is that it takes a “picture” of what the thoughts, dreams and needs people had at the time.

  • Ehla says:

    very well said :)

  • Desislava says:

    I am totally agree with you!!
    I like fashion because it is a way to show your personality.. and there are thousands and thousands of people who work in this industry to help everybody to do this – show to the world who you are!! :))


  • you are absolutely right ;) in my opinion fashion isn’t the sense of life but without it life wouldn’t be as vivid as it is :)
    bisous ;)

  • Mandy. R says:

    One word that have made a big impact in my life. I’m just a plain girl, a common girl. Weird and a little bit awkward, I must confess that I have many insecurities and a big weakness for art. Fashion is a gift that god gave me because it makes everything so arty, so diverse.

    There is a famous saying from a French philosopher, “ I think therefore I exist”, and I totally agree, fashion is a way of thinking it expresses you’re personality, your being, your whole life. This world saved me from the sea of sadness, low self- esteem. It’s a delightful bomb of revolution, innovation, and style.

    For many is something superficial, and at a certain point it is. However for me is much more than pretty clothes: it’s about creating yourself, changing yourself, transforming yourself. It’s about creating an identity because at the end of the day it’s like your skin that really defines and leaves a deep mark in your life.
    Fashion are memories, fashion is the contrast between past and future, fashion is always walking towards the progress. Fashion is the whole humanity.

    Mandy Rome

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