Two Different Styles Under One Roof

Ever disagree with your friend's or family's style?

Growing up and sharing clothes with my older sister wasn’t exactly ideal since we’re six years apart.  (Although that never really stopped me from borrowing her jeans even though they definitely did not fit me properly.)  But we gradually started sharing each others clothes when I finally grew up to be the same size. And whenever she’s in town or we find time to get together, we love to shop just like all sisters do.

But the moment we reach the mall and start visiting stores, I immediately realize that we have such different tastes. I always playfully tease her hippie style and joke that she’s always looking for the “weird” clothes that Ph.D students like to wear. Sometimes I can’t understand why she gets excited over certain items at a store and I definitely can’t fathom the whole socks with sandals trend she’s sporting these days, but that’s another story.

Our styles are just so different – I prefer dressing more preppy and form fitting whereas my sister goes for the more relaxed feel. So while I’m easily attracted to A-line pleated skirts, she’s drawn to flowy sundresses and casual t-shirts. I sometimes wonder how we ended up having such opposite tastes, especially since we grew up together for the longest time. You’d think that my sister’s style would rub off on me, but not so much!

As we window shop for shoes I’m usually charmed by high heels and embellished flats while she gazes over sandals or more conservative ballet flats. She likes prints and I prefer solid colored; I’m more into tights whereas you’ll find her wearing leggings instead; she wears makeup and I can’t even get myself to brush my lashes with mascara; and the list can go on.

However, there are still many things we both agree on. We at least enjoy going to the same stores together and often love the same item but just wear it in different ways. The two of us buy the same dress shirts for business occasions and we both think that headbands are the ultimate hair accessory.

I think our styles really represent our personality and that’s what’s so great about it. And it’s not like I think mine is better than hers or that we totally don’t get each other. We’re usually brutally honest with one another when we ask if our outfit looks okay or at least my sister will get the gist of my expression when I think she has it all wrong (and vice versa).

So what’s it like with your sister and friends? Do you share similar tastes or is everyone different just like me and my sister?


  • Winnie says:

    My sister and I rarely ever share clothes but if it happens, it’s usually her who borrows from me. I guess I have a lot of staples in my closet that are easy to mix and match. I would say that she likes a more nude palette when it comes to clothes, compared to me who likes a splash of colour! Interesting post!

  • Shelby says:

    Haah oh my gosh, me and my sister never fight about ANYTHING, but basically WHENEVER I visit home, I’ll find she has stolen something from my closet. (I’m moved out of my parents house, but I still keep a lot of oh my out of season clothes stored there). She also always steals my makeup, or maybe a pair of shoes I’ll have brought with me. It’s ridiculous. So yeah, I guess it’s cool that she looks up to my style but it’s more annoying than flattering at this point. xx

  • Sometimes I wish I had a sister! I have a younger brother, so our fashions are very different, being male & female. However, when we were teenagers (I’m 4.5 years older than him), we actually wore the same exact style. Funny how that is, eh?

  • Katie says:

    Haha! This is exactly how I am with my younger and older sister! None of us have the same taste though my big sister does come a bit closer…

    My little sister’s style seems to be a lot like your sisters – very casual, and at times it can be very beachy. I’m totally a preppy-romantic style – floral dresses, high heels, flowers in my hair, etc. While my big sister’s is… very unique. She’s a little shorter than the average person so most dresses are very long on her and she likes it that way. She also loves wearing things inspired by book characters, but it always looks really cute on her. :)

    Thanks for sharing this post – it was a very interesting read. :D

  • oh, me and my sister are like water and fire when it come to style. While she dresses, well, sexy in short skirts, high heels, wears loads of mak-up, has blonded hair, glitter tops and so on, I dress in floral dresses, jeans, fun skirts, ballet flats, flower brooches, fun jewelry , … You get the picture. She’s also very tiny, while I am 1m75 :) so we can’t borow each others clothes Or shoes :) x

  • Paps says:

    We have almost the same taste. It is very easy to shop for her. And she picks things for me always too. So generally have the same taste most of the time.

  • Growing up my sister and I had very different styles – but for some reason that never seemed to stop her from stealing from my closet and thrashing my beloved wardrobe! Fast forward years later and our style seems to be growing similar – although she’s more on the conservative end. We ALWAYS love shopping together and sometimes even buy the same pieces. She’s my BFF!

  • Monica says:

    I always share clothes with my sister! But, we do disagree on some things, too. Totally lovin’ your blog!

    Ask the Duplex

  • francesca says:

    I love your blog! Thanks so much for your lovely comments on mine.

  • Fydez says:

    Aww, you and your sister are so cute. I sometimes wish I have a sister but I have a feeling I’ll be selfish and want everything for my own. I have a little brother, 8 years younger than me, I steal clothes from him. Haha! xx

  • HEhe this is so funny! My sister and I are the same way, except we don’t really have any clothing choices in common… XD

  • classiq says:

    I don’t have a sister, but I have a friend with very similar tastes, but never buy the same things and we never go shopping together. I totally agree that style is something very individual, that represents your own personality. It’s great you have your sister to ask for her honest opinion, that counts a lot. :) Ada
    ps: thank you for stopping by my blog :)

  • thanks for visiting and for the lovely comment! :)

  • jamie says:

    this is such a good post! my baby sister (who is 17) borrows a lot of my stuff and i really dont mind.. when i was growing up, we were really poor so i didn’t have a lot of “nice” clothing so i like to help her out in that department :) isnt it great and fortunate are we to have (sisters) that we can bond with and ask for advice about fashion!?

  • Daniela says:

    teehee! me and my sister thankfully don’t have the same tastes…but she’s always rifling through my goodie bags from shows and press days! xx

  • Boglarka says:

    Oh, i have two sisters and we are so different! And I’m the tiniest so our sizes are different too… I’m the most feminine, it’s sure. But we love the go to shopping together. We tell each other the best cruelest critics!

  • anne says:

    Never having a sister and all my friends been tiny tiny, i never really had a second ward drobe, that was until I moved in with the girls from uni. Saves me a small fortune on clothes, and we all have different styles, so if I fancy dressing differently for a day it’s fantastic! x

  • Samantha says:

    I have similar differences with my sister, only we are 4 years apart and we still aren’t the same size. How you explained how funny it is to have such different taste is similar to my sister, mom, and I. We sometimes will all love the same jeans, but other times we will completely disagree on a certain shirt.

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