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Hair Straightening Do’s and Don’ts

Getting a straight look is easy with the right tools, time and tips. You can get rid of that wild mane in about half of an hour if you know what you’re doing and have a good ceramic hair straightener. There are a lot of great hair straighteners available today, that are cute, compact, and don’t cost a fortune. So, here are some Do’s and Don’ts that you want to remember the next time you want to straighten your hair.


  • Do buy the best hair straightener you can afford. It doesn’t have to be the best hair straightener on the market, just one that fits your budget. The CHI hair straightener or Maxiglide hair straightener are two good options.
  • Do take your time. Dampen your hair or use the ceramic hair straightener after you get out of the shower. Let your hair dry a bit first, don’t try to straighten it when your hair is sopping wet. Just a little dampness is perfect.
  • Do start at the scalp. Put about one-inch or two-inches width of hair into the ceramic hair straightener, close it, and then slowly move from the beginning of your hair to the end. If you have really stubborn curls, you might have to straighten the same hair twice. But, products like the CHI hair straightener and Maxiglide hair straightener are considered some of the best hair straighteners and will usually work on the first time through.
  • Do experiment. A ceramic hair straightener can do more than just flatten your hair. You can do flips, twists, feathering, and lots of other neat tricks to your hair.


  • Do not use a hair dryer to straighten your hair. A hair dryer takes forever and it can really burn your hair if you’re not careful. It dries it out really bad and causes dead-ends.
  • Do not use an iron or other household appliance. Its very dangerous to use a clothes iron on your hair, and will definitely burn the life out of it. You just want to get rid of the curls not the hair itself. You could also easily burn your ears or scalp. It could also be a fire hazard if you forget and leave the iron on.
  • Do not use a ceramic hair straightener in the shower. You could get electrocuted. I know this one sounds silly, but its happened before. People have used hair dryers, electric razors and hair straighteners in the shower and got zapped.
  • Do not try to straighten too much hair at once. You should straighten about one or two inches width of hair at a time. If you’re hair is really thin though you may be able to do more.